Choosing a riding hat


When purchasing a riding hat you need to select the style of helmet that is most suitable for you and your riding discipline. If you are part of a Pony Club or Riding Club you need to check with them what their requirements are.

Riders competing under the rules of a Discipline or the Pony Club or Riding Clubs should refer to the respective rule books as to the standards allowed.


It is advisable that you go to an equestrian outlet that has trained Justtogs hat fitters to fit your helmet for you.

Trained hat fitters are either trained by the hat manufacturers or have attended a BETA hat fitting course.

Alternatively, follow our complete hat fitting guide >

Comfort and correct size are very important when choosing a hat. You can refer to our stockists list to find your nearest helmet supplier, they will be able to help and advise on finding the correct helmet for you.

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Alternatively a ‘JTE Dial system helmet’ gives a flexible fit that you can adjust yourself...
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  • Air vents for cool air flow
  • Choose a good fitting harness... Check the fit around your ear areas.
  • Think about your hair style, it makes a difference to the fit if you wear it down or tied up.
  • Not every helmet fits every head-shape, so you may have to try a few on to find one that fits well.
  • Look out for moisture wicking fabrics on the inside to help you stay cool and comfortable.
  • Tilting up a helmet makes it unstable. The visor should be parallel to the ground and just above the crease of eyebrows.
  • ALWAYS ALWAYS check for the neccessary SAFETY certifications.
  • Different riding disciplines require different types of riding helmets.