Innovative design features

Designed to keep your head cool...

All Just Togs Helmets are designed to keep your head as cool and comfortable as possible at all times.

This is achieved through the ventilation strips that so many of the Just Togs helmets feature but also through the lining of the hat.

All Just Togs helmets feature a ‘COOLON LINING’. COOLON allows unsurpassed moisture management. The unique fibre shape used in the material lining in all Just Togs helmets has a wide surface area that wicks moisture away from the skin, keeping the wearer comfortable and dry. This material also has anti-fungal and anti-odour properties.

Cooling illustration; 'Unique fibre-COOLON lining, Optimum ventilation'

Designed to be as lightweight as possible...

Just Togs helmets are all extremely lightweight.
Helmet weight is vitally important for all types of riders.

Riders undertaking competitions want to be able to perform at their best; a heavy helmet no matter how tough could cause other problems.

Leisure riders want to be as comfortable as possible.
Children are particularly vulnerable. Children do not have the ability to support their heads as well as adults as their neck muscles are underdeveloped. A heavy helmet will further exacerbate this problem until about the age of nine.