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Laura Soutar - JTE Sprint Helmet

I would like to take this opportunity to give you a massive thanks as my daughter has had a very serious fall from her pony wearing one of your JTE sprint hats. We just arrived home from the hospital today to find the April edition of pony mag on our doorstep with the Riding hat guide from JT helmets in it. As we have just experienced how important it is to wear your hat i felt i had to write and tell you about our experience.

My daughter is 11 years old and has been riding since she was 4 we have 2 ponies one of which she has not had long only 6 months to be exact and they are still getting to know one another it was this pony she was riding. She was in an inclosed outdoor arena which is fenced in with wooden post and rail fencing. She was putting the pony over a very small jump when the pony decided she was not going to jump, the pony ducked out of the jump and headed for the fence my daughter lost her stirrup and the pony turned sharp and she fell off the otherside of the pony this happened very close to the fence which my daughter banged her head off.

My daughter ended up in hospital with major concussion and amnesia and some cuts and bruises however if it was not for your JTE sprint hat things would have been so much worse. We took the hat to the hospital with us to show the doctors how bad the impact was and am so glad we did as they all realised when seeing it how bad my daughters concussion was the hat cracked on the outside and the inner shell absorbed all the impact.

After about 5 hours in the hospital my daughter started to come back to normal and feel better she started to remember the accident she was kept in overnight for observation and thankfully all she has is a small bump and a few scratches left. I feel if it was not for the quality of the hat my daughter would have been in a very serious way. We went out today after returning home to buy a new hat and have bought the exact same one as we have been so impressed with the quality and endurance of the helmet.

After reading your article i just had to write and thank you as we understand the importance of safety when riding, my daughter was so lucky to have been wearing a good quality hat and body protector and always will in the future too.

Emma Shakkell - JTE Classic

My name is Emma Shakkell and on the 24 of May I was out riding a horse in one of your JTE Classic/ I am writing to tell you that the hat saved my life.

I was riding out on my own I was on a horse that had never done anything wrong before. No one knows what happened that day as I can not remember a thing until I got to the hospital. That is where they told me I had a broken neck and that I was very lucky to be here.

Your hat did not smash it just stayed on my head and broke into two parts. We think for the injury that I have got that the horse dragged or kicked me. But we are just so happy that your hat did its job and made it so that there are no more injuries.

Martha Graham – JTE Classic Riding Helmet

On 21.02.12 as a result of a freak accident I was thrown from my horse head first into a steel girder. I suffered extensive bruising to the left hand side of my body but thankfully the hat saved me from potentially serious head injuries, if not worse. The hat is no longer fit for purpose as the protective element inside the hat has been damaged on both sides but it certainly did its job. I will certainly buy another Justtogs riding helmet.

Claire Glover – JT Skull

I felt I had to write to you and say a very huge thank you. Your JTE skull cap saved my life two days ago. I had a really terrible fall while schooling and jumping my 17.2hh girl in the field at home on wed evening. I was about to jump a 3ft 3" jump when for reasons unbeknown to me she spooked and spun out to the left. I flew over the jump landing very heavily on my face and front corner of my head 10 feet the other side of the jump.

I managed to get myself home but was not feeling at all well, so an ambulance was called. They strapped me in a collar and spinal board as I had a suspected fractured neck. After many hours and x-rays I was relieved to find that my neck was not broken, but I have torn all the ligaments, muscles and damaged the tendons in the right side of my neck. I am very lucky to be alive due to my Just Togs hat. The fall was that heavy that I heard the hat crack on impact. I will now be going out and buying a new hat and body protector, but that won’t be for a while until the swelling and bruising has subsided. I have relied on Just Togs hats for many years now. I find they offer superb protection; they are nicely padded and very comfortable to wear and would not consider buying any other form of hat. Thank you Just Togs for saving my life. It could have been a very different story.

Nicola Stapleton – JTE CLASSIC

Just wanted to drop you a quick email to say thank you. My husband has one of your JTE Classic helmets. Today our horse took off across the school in dramatic fashion and he came off. He landed on his head and his helmet now has a two inch crack that goes right though to the inside. If it hadn't been for his helmet he most certainly would have been very badly hurt. We did go to A&E to be checked out (and took the helmet with us to show them) - fortunately he escaped with a big headache and a sore neck. Thanks again.

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